There are countless benefits to the iPhone. For one, it makes everyday life considerably easier. In all, the benefits are nearly endless. Text messaging has already started to play a major role in people’s lives of all ages. It’s more convenient and it can be used to share pictures, links, etc. When looked at in perspective, most people use their phones more than any other type of technology when it comes to communication. This means that our phones must be as up to date as possible to ensure maximum communication. One example of this is the FaceTime application. FaceTiming lets each person see each other whilst talking to one another. This makes communication more personable, and is ideal for long-range business conferences. It also lets people feel as if they’re talking to the other person face-to-face. Another common day convenience is the built in GPS. It’s advanced enough to be considered as up-to-date as any car installed one as it can even recalculate routes. Waking up to your favorite song off of your iTunes is another luxury of the iPhone 5. Perhaps the most advanced aspect of all is “Siri.” Siri can hold conversation, remember things, book dates, look up places, etc. You can literally hold a conversation with the application. This application is perhaps one of the most impressive and advanced things in the world of information technology to date in many people’s opinions. For example, you can tell Siri, “Wake me up at 6:00 am tomorrow morning.” She will wake you up that following morning. This innovative threshold that Apple has given off leads customers to believe that what they have in store for the future will be something even more worthwhile.

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